Every so often on tech blogs you see a new type of watch — not necessarily breaking new watch frontier, just really fancy and expensive. I thought about these watches today, what was the point of them? Obviously, they are status symbols, but why spend so much on something that only holds one function? Heck, are watches even useful anymore?

That last question is the real focus of this post — are watches even useful in today’s market of gadgets. I think not.

I’ve never worn a watch, even before having fancy portable gadgets with me. It simply was never necessary to me. Now that I had gadgets, like my phone, that I can easily look at and see the time, date, weather, appointments… It seems like I’ll never need a watch. This may seem like a frivolous point to talk about (OK, it is) but manufacturers are going to have to do something different in order to stay competitive and stay in business if people begin leaving watches behind in favor of just using their gadgets. (And in today’s economy, skipping a watch could save a decent amount of money.)

Of course, people will always wear watches, just as they will always use desktop PCs and read physical books. Many things simply don’t go out of use or take a long time to stop being useful. But, it could be interesting to see what the future of watches might be.